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Do you know of a firm that has implemented a practice/policy that enhances the career development and culture for all employees? Iowa Women in Architecture (iaWia) is currently seeking out case studies that demonstrate the best practices in our industry relative to Career Development, Work Options, Communications, Discrimination & Inclusion, and Benefits. The intent for this effort is to develop a resource of knowledge and experiences.  The findings developed will be a tool for firm leaders and individuals seeking to understand and implement the best practices. The case studies will be documented on our website in support of the Best Practices Document and select case studies will be highlighted in our monthly newsletters.

Please nominate your firm’s practice/policy or another firm’s practice/policy for a case study by contacting us with a brief description of the practice/policy and the firm’s contact person for further information, if known. If the policy is selected for case study documentation, an iaWia representative will be in contact to gather further information on the practice or policy.


See templates below for information included in the case studies.

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Thank you for your contribution to the Best Practices Recommendations and for your support of Iowa Women in Architecture.