Communications and Outreach

Committee Chairs: Katelyn Rutledge and Hannah Schurrer

iaWia’s Communication and Outreach committee responsibilities include membership, fundraising, outreach, public relations, social media, website design; major initiatives in web design, fundraising. Contact Katelyn or Hannah for general committee work or news.

Education and Programming

Committee Chair: Elizabeth goll and holly pohlmeier

iaWia’s Education and Programs committee responsibilities include planning quarterly events and conducting research; major initiatives in compiling work-life balance research and generating best practices document. Contact Eli or Holly for general committee work or news.

Membership Committee

Committee Chairs: Susan Judkins and lyndley kent

iaWia’s Membership committee responsibilities include tracking and maintaining our membership database, facilitating and connecting members with their interests within the organization. Contact Susan for general committee work; contact Susanne for questions regarding dues or processing.

Student chapter

Liaison: Kassia Payne

iaWia’s student group conducts monthly meetings with a focus on mentoring for students at ISU.  Contact student coordinators for more information.