Iowa women in architecture

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In 2011, four women co-founded Iowa Women in Architecture as a nonprofit corporation in the state of Iowa. With combined experience of over fifty years working as practitioners and educators in architecture and urban design, the founders established Iowa Women in Architecture as a group that would examine issues related to women in architecture and related professions and serve as a resource for women at all stages in their careers.

Iowa Women in Architecture holds major quarterly events, engages in outreach activities, sponsors research initiatives, and provokes ongoing discussion within the discipline. A student chapter at Iowa State University extends these opportunities to students and faculty at the state’s only architecture program and responds to particular needs of students.


Educating communities, empowering individuals, and advancing women in design.


Iowa Women in Architecture (iaWia) is a non-profit, educational organization whose mission is to support and promote women involved in design and construction of the built environment by:

  • increasing the visibility of women in design and related fields;
  • by advocating for issues relevant to women within design professions;
  • by advancing women in leadership positions;
  • and by leading discussion about cultural change in design professions.


Through activities such as networking, peer-to-peer mentorship, professional development, research and community outreach programs, iaWia aims to:

  • educate members and their communities about issues relevant to retaining and supporting women in the profession;
  • empower its members through education and recognition;
  • celebrate the contributions of women design professionals at all levels; and
  • ensure a sustainable future for women involved in all aspects of the built environment.