November Student of the Month | Bethanie Jones

bjones_headshot Bethanie Jones 5th Year

Portfolio Pin Up

Where do you attend school and what type of design work would you like to pursue?  Currently, I attend Iowa State University where I am pursuing a BA in architecture. In the spring, I will graduate. Throughout life, I desire to seek new opportunities that continue to improve my skills and produce the best work that I can. Design is a field that is in a continuous shift, so as a designer I promise to be constantly developing. This can occur through new tools, technologies, theories, etc. A prolific mind never stops learning and that’s what I hope to pursue – to never stop learning.

Why did you choose the design/construction field?  Architecture affects everything. It’s more than an education. It’s more than a job. It’s a way of life. I chose to pursue architecture because I like to dream. Dreaming is what sparked my interest and I trust that dreaming is necessary as I continue to choose the field.

What motivates you to work towards a career in design/construction?  The motivation that drives me daily stems from multiple holes in my life. One hole being the voices that said “you’re not smart enough”, another hole being the endless inspirations I’ve encountered, and another hole being the world that we live in. It is a world that I hope to make a difference in – big or small. Often we get distracted by the next software, the newest iPhone, and other gadgets that we dismiss what really matters, like helping people.

What is the best advice you have received?  “Never stop learning.”

How has Iowa Women in Architecture influenced you?  Iowa Women in Architecture has helped me better understand that our abilities are not defined or constrained by where we come from, what race we are, or what sex we are.