November Professional Member of the Month


Kari Boyens

Graham Construction

Healthcare Business Development Manager

1. Our line of work is built on the value of relationships and opportunities; what have you found is the best way to communicate in times of conflict?  Listen and then acknowledge that you understand the other person’s point of view.  Most people are open to new ideas if they know you are willing to listen to theirs.

2. Sometimes our careers can be demanding; how do you wind down in the evenings to maintain a balanced lifestyle?  Working out is definitely my best stress reliever.  I have a lot of variety in my workouts.  I bike, run, lift weights, kickbox and do yoga.

3. In 2017 technology is at our fingertips - what is your favorite app and/or website?  Pinterest is my favorite app.  It’s my go-to when I need help or ideas…kid’s crafts, fashion, recipes…everything!

4. As professionals we are versed in community interaction and collaboration; what are you involved in outside of your profession?

a.       Joppa Volunteer (Joppa is an organization that helps homeless people)

b.      Coach soccer for my daughter

c.       Member of Lutheran Church of Hope

d.      Member of Iowa Society of Radiologic Technologists (My background is healthcare.  I am still a licensed x-ray tech)

5. We are Iowa Women in Architecture; who were the female role models that inspired you?  My mom is my greatest female role model.  She taught me very early on that I can do anything I put my mind to.  She is strong, successful and determined.  She taught me how to work hard and always be my best.

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