June Professional Member of the Month





1. Our profession is built on the value of relationships and opportunities; how do you prepare for a meeting with a new client?
I find myself researching to find something relatable between myself and a new client. At the very least we know we have common goals to improve our surrounding environment, but the deeper I get into this profession the more I realize how every new project is an opportunity for a new relationship.  

2. We often design to improve the health of people and the environment; how do you wind down in the evenings to maintain a balanced lifestyle?
Biking and learning new grilling recipes are at the top of my list when I get home from work this summer.

3. In 2018 technology is at our fingertips - what is your favorite app and/or website?
For fun, Movie Pass is my new favorite app this year. I am always interested in more efficient ways of doing everyday things. I hope its business model really takes off or at least changes the way we interact with a struggling industry.

For work, I like the Procore app, it makes punchlists simple and more accurate.

4. As professionals we are versed in community interaction and collaboration; what are you involved in outside the realm of architecture/design?
Outside of work I have been involved in the Women in STEM program at the local middle school, and will lead the group this coming Fall. I hope to inspire young girls to appreciate the design/construction fields, and to know that there is balance in science and creativity. I believe we need to show girls at a young age the career opportunities that are out there, and it starts with seeing real women who work in the throes of it every day.

5. We are Iowa Women in Architecture; who were the female role models that inspired you?
I have been fortunate to follow strong female leads with my mother and grandmother. My mother had 7 children while working as an art teacher and volunteers at every opportunity possible. My grandmother was a nurse and mother of 8 who worked her way up to Vice President on the Mercy Hospital Board. But what really motivates me is curious young girls at STEM events/ design camps/job shadows. They are ones who get me excited for our future!