June Student Member of the Month


Deysy Cruz Escobar

Iowa State University

4th Year Architecture Student

1. Why did you choose the design/construction field?

In high school, I discovered I have a passion for art, and I view architecture as art with a function. A function to characterize cities. A function to help communities, foster healing environments, and principally improve the quality of life of others.

2. What is the most unusual medium you have used for a model, and what did it represent?

I used corrugated cardboard and explored the material quality by manipulating it and braiding it into a weaving. The weaving then shaped into the topography of a site I was working on. I hope to still continue exploring and discovering even more unusual medium in the future!

3. What has been your favorite studio trip so far?

My favorite studio trip was when we went to Chicago. This was the first time I visited a city with such rich skyscrapers and art everywhere you go!  

4. What is the best advice you have received from a professor or mentor?

“You have great ideas and designs; you just have to stop holding back and go for it; be confident that it will be great work.”  - Ayodele Lyanalu

5. How has Iowa Women in Architecture influenced you?

I have been able to connect with other students who also have the same interests and participate in events aiding to empower women. I feel comfortable going to professional development events because I know I will always get great feedback and advice!  

Vertical Suburbia  

This modular design aims to provide green space and high tech holograms amidst a crowded urban environment. The green spaces are composed of courtyards which serve as a method of water conservation to reduce flash flooding, as well as a space for program which is enhanced by customizable holograms.

IWiA Student Selection Deysy Cruz .jpg