Meet our Moderator: Lorin Ditzler


  The Tackling Unintentional Bias panel discussion is next Thursday, June 18th. Learn a little more about our panel moderator, Lorin Ditzler!

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Lorin Ditzler

Lorin Ditzler is a community planner at RDG Planning and Design in Des Moines, where she works primarily on long-range plans for small communities in Iowa.  In her free time she sings and plays banjo in a local band, and starting in July she'll be spending a lot of time hanging out with her new baby!  Lorin holds a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Iowa and a BA from Grinnell College.  She credits her experiences at the socially-conscious Grinnell with helping her to first identify her own unintentional biases, and giving her tools to manage them.


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