Read it Here - Tom Newkirk's Paper on Unintentional Bias

Iowa Women in Architecture will host a panel discussion, “Tackling Unintentional Bias” at the Des Moines Central Library on June 18. The expert panel will discuss how unintentional bias is identified, addressed, and changed in a range of disciplines and contexts. Through panelists’ expertise and personal experiences, we will define unintentional bias, describe why it is damaging to people and organizations, and make recommendations for identifying and correcting bias for healthier individuals and workplaces. Panelists include:

  • Renee Thomas, Lighting Designer, RDG
  • Rona Berinobis, Vice President, Inclusion and Organizational Development, Wellmark
  • Tom Newkirk, Partner, Newkirk Zwagerman
  • Lindsay Moser, Campus and Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Principal Financial Group Inc.

Moderator: Lorin Ditzler, Urban Planner, RDG


Here is a link to Tom Newkirk's paper on Five Concepts to Understand and Prevent Implicit (Unconscious) Bias.  Please read his paper in conjunction with the event on Thursday for greater understanding into what unintentional bias is and how to address it.