January Professional Member of the Month | Janna Alampi

Janna Alampi Headshot

  1. Where do you work and what is your current role?  I work for Shive-Hattery as a registered architect, in the West Des Moines office.
  2. Why did you choose the design/construction field?  I’ve always had a passion for math, art, and science.  My high school art teacher urged me to attend a summer course at Iowa State University that focused on architecture and landscape design.  Taking that course solidified my journey into the architecture field, and so far, it has been a very rewarding career.
  3. What motivates you to further progress in your career?  The building enclosure and all its intricacies is one of the things that challenges and pushes me to continue in this field.  After attending a Building Science lecture by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek in Chicago, I knew this is an area of expertise that I wanted to pursue.  I am fortunate to work for a company that is supportive of this decision and has allowed me to become more involved with building enclosure design and commissioning.
  4. What is one thing you wish you would have known before entering the workforce?  There are many alternate career paths outside of the traditional architect role.  Within the architecture field there are many areas of expertise to excel in, from marketing to construction administration to 3D rendering, and much more.  It’s important to find your niche to make yourself a valuable asset within the design community.
  5. How has Iowa Women in Architecture influenced you?  I first learned about iaWia just before moving back to Iowa, after having practiced architecture in Florida.  I had never come across a group like this before, and I’ve re-evaluated many things in my life based on the topics that have been addressed through discussions and publications.  Most importantly, it’s a great group of women that I can turn to for both professional and personal advice.